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It’s time to ace up your business game with Buy Business Manager— your one-stop shop to buy USA Facebook accounts. With a 100% verified and trusted advertising account, get your business the success level it deserves. We help you promote your business with ad accounts to reach the target audience.

So buy old Facebook accounts with confidence, by specific locations, and reach a massive customer base by building a prominent brand presence online.

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Buy Facebook Verified Business Managers for Advertising

Buy verified Facebook Business Manager



Advertising Access Reinstated Account



We have been providing businesses with Facebook ad accounts for a while now, and we have built a reputable image in the market. With that being said, here is a list of reasons why you should purchase your ad account from us

Verification files included

You will receive verification files from us so that you can carry out an ID check without any problems. Just get the status ( Advertising Access Reinstated Account)

Mobile Number Included

You will receive a mobile number from us with which you can activate your account and Advertising Access Reinstated. So you will no longer have problems with restrictions

Advertising Access Reinstated Account

Advertising Access Reinstated Account are Ads accounts that have successfully passed facebook verification

Buy Facebook Ads Accounts

When you buy Buy Facebook Ads Accounts from us, you will have high-quality accounts that are already warmed up. No sub-par accounts or bots.

Buy Facebook Business Manager

Our Buy Facebook Business Manager are fully verified and have passed all Facebook verification. they are immediately ready for use

Buy Facebook Marketplace

When you buy a Facebook Marketplace account. do you have the possibility to freely decide whether it is a female profile or a male profile

Why Choose Us

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Advertising Access reinstated Account

facebook advertising access reinstated
Excellent Customer Service

Unlike other providers, we do not cut ties the moment we have delivered your account. Instead, we are always at your service even after you have made your purchase, so you can come to us whenever you encounter any problem.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

So far, we have sold hundreds of business manager accounts on Facebook, yet we have never received a single complaint. We also have a 100% refund policy in case your account does not work at the time of login.

Fast Delivery

There is no need to hesitate before purchasing from us. We will deliver your account the minute your buying process is complete. We offer the fastest delivery among all our competitors!

24/7 Support

We are always here to resolve your queries and concerns. You can reach out to us at any time of the day, and we will get back in touch and make sure your problem is well attended to.

Advertise your Business on Facebook

Facebook comes among the top most famous marketing platforms in the world. With over 2.7 billion active users from around the globe, this place can be used as an advertising network with a number of features on the platform suitable for various businesses.

Facebook holds second place in the list of major advertising platforms, the first being Google. The platform has approximately 20% of the total market share for digital advertising.

In addition to that, the arrival of the pandemic in 2020 further changed the dynamics of digital marketing, causing the ad expenses to reduce compared to the previous year.

So it’s only sensible to advertise your business on Facebook if you aim to adjust to reduced store visitation and declined brick-and-mortar outcomes. Facebook advertising is becoming the new norm of business, and you need to own it!

At, we have Facebook marketplace accounts for sale that will assist you in getting started without having to play the field first.

Get Instantaneous Results with Facebook Advertisement

Buy Facebook ads accounts from us and get started immediately. The accounts that we provide do not require warming up. Our accounts are perfect for your short-term as well as long-term marketing strategies. You can start right away.

Optimized for your use, you won’t have to go through the troubles of account blocking or wait for the verification period to get over.

Simply get your account from us and start your Facebook ad campaigns right away. No need to sit around and wait for results, as you will instantly begin to observe a hike in your sales and conversion rate.

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Buy Facebook Accounts

Buy Facebook Business Manager To Target Your Specific Business Objectives With

Need to build brand awareness? Get more messages? Increase your engagement? All is possible with the buy Facebook ads accounts that we provide. We will optimize the account according to your business needs, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up an account as per your requirements.

Apart from that, the Facebook business manager also enables companies to achieve business growth by focusing on broader aims such as expanding visibility, sales, and leads. Thanks to the ads manager tool, you can set objectives for your marketing campaign that target your needs precisely.

Reach Out To the Greatest Audience

With over 1 billion users and more than 500 million active users on a regular basis, Facebook is also one of the most popular social media platforms. Advertising your business on both these sites allows businesses to reach out to one of the biggest audiences in the world. You won’t find an audience that massive anywhere else!

According to statistics, approximately 80% of American consumers claimed they discovered and bought new products from Facebook. At the same time, around 60% of the American population claims to have found products on Instagram.

Two-thirds of the adult population uses Facebook in this era, making its vast reach the most significant advantage of buy Facebook ads accounts. Whether you own a small, medium, or large business!

Unlock the Shortest and Quickest Method to Business Growth

It takes time to build a brand name from scratch. This is why you should buy a verified Facebook manager from us if you simply wish to climb the ladder of success easily. We provide accounts that are pre-verified and warming for you to use.

A verified Facebook ad account increases the credibility of your business and makes it easier for people to trust your brand. Plus, it is a key differentiating factor that distinguishes your business from your competitors.

With the accounts bought from us, you can quickly establish a prominent profile on Facebook and start promoting your business in front of a large audience. Since these accounts are verified, you won’t have to spend your precious time building an image. You can directly start accessing the ad tools and jump to the marketing step straight away

Increase the Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Nowadays, customers check out a business’s social media handles before making up a mind about purchasing from them. Chances are, people will visit your website too once you have delivered a strong impression about your social media presence.

In a market so competitive, isn’t this a fantastic way of getting more people to visit your website and consequently increasing traffic and boosting revenue? Better engagement is guaranteed with our verified and warmed up Facebook ads accounts. Hence, you can easily attract more people to your website too!

Better Results than Organic Social Media Marketing

As we have previously mentioned numerous times, digital advertising on Facebook derives results faster than any other technique of social media campaign. Organic social media marketing is time-consuming and requires a lot more effort than paid Facebook campaigns.

Yet, the results are not as great as the ones attained via paid campaigns through our verified business managers. Hence, if you are looking for quicker and better results, you know who to contact!

Benefits of Buying Old Facebook Ad Accounts

We get a lot of questions: Why should you prefer paying for an old account when you can just create one from scratch completely free of cost? The answer is simple! Here is why aged Facebook ad accounts are better than new ones:


-Yes, we will refund the account if there are already problems logging in

-If the business manager is already blocked without having actively used it

Just select the package you want, then click the ORDER NOW button, choose a convenient platform to contact our team and send a message. We will then help you with your order

We have a wide range of countries. Just ask the team which country you need

Usually under 24 hours. Immediately if we have accounts in stock

-If you only use one account then you don’t need a proxy.

-If you use multiple accounts, I recommend my mobile proxy.

– One mobile proxy is enough for 20 accounts at the same time

For marketplace profiles, you can select gender and country.

With Business Manager it is random and a selection is not possible

We are accepting Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, Credit (PayPal Friends and Family)

All accounts come with 2FA codes. Once you have logged into the account, this setting must not be disabled

Yes, our marketplace & business manager profiles always have profile pictures and look like real profiles

We don’t refund accounts if they are disabled while using facebook